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Short description

This course will help you obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform work related to the field of computer science and cybersecurity. It will also provide the necessary guidance for your career to move in the right direction.

It is a holistic program of about 50 hours and with more than 100 videos, which will allow you to acquire knowledge no matter where you are, very useful as a main source in everything related to cybersecurity.

What you will learn

Training facts:

  • Duration: 80 hours / 1 month
  • Working committment 40h multimedia content + 40h homework
  • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Structure: 4 courses
  • Completion: Written examination
  • Supplier:, Barcelona
  • Occupational field: IT users and professionals
  • Price: free of charge

Training structure:

  • Course: Cybersecurity Concepts (10h reading + 10h self-learning)
  • Course: End User Communications (10h reading + 10h self-learning)
  • Course: Malware and Network Management (10h reading + 10h self-learning)
  • Course: Secure Data Management (10h reading + 10h self-learning)

Join the world-wide spread team of volunteers and IT professionals committed to improve cybersecurity of Network and Information Systems, through self-protection and evangelisation of their environment.


About the author

Pablo López-Aguilar

About the institute

APWG.EU - Barcelona, Spain

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