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Want a job in 2016 ? Then must learn these skills they have lot of potential and excellent scope in future Video Courtesy: World Economic Forum Like facbook page:

English 1 min 328 0 0 4.3

Facing the huge global challenges we  have to  enable students to be globally responsible, innovative, emphathetic human beings with the potential and courage to act,  in relationship self to self, se...

English 19 min 416 0 0

Everything we know about the future of work is being shaped by five trends: globalization, mobility, changing demographics, new behaviors, and mobility. For the first time these five trends are coming...

English 4 min 284 0 0 4.3

"The Forest" motion graphic is an effort to improve environmental awareness about deforestation in Indonesia caused by paper industry. Deforestation is a global issue affecting all of us. It is import...

English 3 min 324 0 0 4.3
ENVIRONMENT, Environment Protection, EDUCATION

Using the logic model framework to develop monitoring and evaluation questions and indicators

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Monitoring and Evaluation, EDUCATION

Creative way of presenting the difference between an input, activity, output, outcome and impact.

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Monitoring and Evaluation, EDUCATION

This online course lays the ground for M&E tomake vital contributions to incentivise change and measure performance. The course considers challenges in current M&E practice, introduces a tool-...

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Monitoring and Evaluation, EDUCATION

Abstract: Conference presentation at the 2013 GPET Convention, Perth - 11-12 September 2013 Background: As part of the process of improving the quality of teaching, the UNS...

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Monitoring and Evaluation, EDUCATION

Google Hangout Tutorial - How To Use Google Hangouts - 2013 Update - Sue Soucy ***November 2013 Google Hangout UPDATE Video*** **IMPORTANT - There has been a change to how to start your video from ...

9 min 343 0 0
MEDIA , IT - Standard Software (ECDL), Monitoring and Evaluation,

By 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear. This is not a doom and gloom prediction, rather a wakeup call for the world. Will we run out of work for the world? Of course not. Nothing is more preposte...

English 3 min 317 0 0

Students understand that we have to look after the planet. But we have very little money to help us do that! In this video I show you seven ways that either don't cost much, or actually save you money...

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ENVIRONMENT, Environment Protection, EDUCATION

Google Hangout Screen Share In this video, I walk you through the very easy process of sharing your screen on a Google Hangout. If you don't know how to start a Hangout yet, watch my Google Hangout T...

2 min 320 0 0
IT - Standard Software (ECDL), Monitoring and Evaluation, IT & SOFTWARE,

Listen to Jess Dart from Clear Horizon share her secrets about: - how to design your project with M&E in mind - different ways of approaching your M&E - how to keep on track during the life...

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Monitoring and Evaluation, EDUCATION

Find out how to successfully combine different learning environments and learn up to 3 times faster Swiss Management School's ( Blended Learning concept' visualized by EasyFilms™ ...

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Learning, AGRICULTURE, Agroecosystems,

Learn how to objectively identify your strengths and weaknesses, develop relevant competencies and build a good brand in the Digital Economy.

English 5 lessons Intermediate 27 steps  Certificate

Learn how to manage and grow personal and/or organizational financial resources like a pro!

English 5 lessons Intermediate 19 steps  Certificate

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