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This upright kitchen garden is perfect for small spaces. I designed it to be easy to build in a small space, with a limited budget, and with limited tools. All you need to construct it is a saw, a dri...

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Sorry about this one guys and gals...Yes, I'm answering a question that nobody is asking. Just another step towards having everything in the house made out of wood! This time I make a frisbee/ disc ou...

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Dieses Video soll dazu beitragen, das in Deutschland historische Fenster als Kulturobjekte erhalten bleiben, und nicht alle der Wärmeschutzverordnung zum Opfer fallen. Ein Fehler beim Erzählen ist mir...

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Woodwork, CRAFTS

Fingerzinken sind eine sehr praktische Verbindungsart. Sie lassen sich prima auf dem Frästisch anfertigen, wenn Sie dafür eine kleine Vorrichtung bauen. Die Anleitung dafür gibt es in der Zeitschrift ...

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Deutsch, CRAFTS

Just another simple but effective pot. A simple flared out trumpet shape that you can then flatten the back of,punch a hole through the back and hang via a nail on the wall. Don't forget to dip the to...

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A very easy pot to make on the wheel with some easy techniques especially as the clay is quite thick to help keep the cold from the fridge in the pot when in use. Just a simple lift,then a small galle...

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Well I was asked to try to make a double walled vessel and here it is. It's not a very nice one but it's got to be the most annoying,fiddly kind of pot to throw ever!!. If you try to make it quite nar...

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+ Thanks to everyone who Clicked to see my vid + Just a quick video of making a Wavy scalloped edged bowl. It adds a bit of a different design to the edge and looks pretty good and the glaze bleeds t...

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Just a quick speeded up video of an 8 minute pot speeded up to just under a minute. Just to see what it looks like really. Music License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Title ...

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So it is a little late for mothers day in th UK but I did make this bud vase for mothers day. Another quick gift project made out of wood for may occasions. In this video I show you how to turn a wood...

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Just a quick video of me making some Terracotta Clay Wall Hanging Plant Pots. Terracotta is really easy to throw with and is very forgiving. I would encourage anyone who is learning to throw to try so...

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Just a short video of just a few of the finished glazed fired pots from the recent videos as requested by a number of you. Not a very long clip but you get the idea. Thanks.

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This video was originally published on January 18, 2007 & was never added to YouTube...until today! One of my favorite events of the year has got to be The Woodworking Shows. If you've never bee...

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The Secret to Making PERFECT Wooden Screw Threads How cool is it to make your own All wood deep reach c-clamps? What about making your own Wooden Vise Screw? Or even giant scale nuts and bolts made o...

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Woodwork, CRAFTS

Schlitz und Zapfen, Keile, verjüngte Tischbeine: Mit kleinen, aber pfiffigen Vorrichtungen wird jede Kreissäge vielseitiger. Hier im Video sehen Sie, wie es läuft. ___________________ Lesen Sie passe...

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Woodwork, CRAFTS

A quick video showing how I make firstly the slip for the under glazed colour for my pottery. It's simple to do,just mix up some slip from your waste clay slops from the wheel,then sieve out the lumps...

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