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Agronomical & Technical Issues, Conversion from conventional to organic farming, Organic Farming,

Markus Arbenz, Executive Director of IFOAM - Organics International, invites you to join us at the Organic World Congress in India. Over 2000 participants have registered already. There are still spac...

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Green Maintenance

Kyoto Protocol Is For Climate Change & Global Warming, Kindly note that in voice over , mistakenly i mentioned Ozone. I apologize, ignore that phrase. For more environment videos: https://www.yo...

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ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, Biodiversity, Economic Viability,

Congrès de la biodynamie 25 - 26 février 2016 Espace Louis Pasteur - Arbois Intervention de Marie-Thérèse Chappaz Vigneronne à Fully (CH)

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Agronomical & Technical Issues, Soil management, Soil and Landscape Protection,

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Il direttore dell'Ispra Alessandro Bratti commenta il pacchetto di norme approvato dal Parlamento Europeo lo scorso 17 marzo.

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Green Maintenance

Hotel housekeepers play a fundamental role in the guest experience. Like any job in hospitality there is always room for growth!

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Hotel Housekeeping, hotel maid, TOURISM

PTR - Lotta contro la Cuscuta su Erba Medica

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Green Maintenance

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AGRICULTURE, Organic Farming

Hier Teil 3 (Beobachtung + Pflegestandard zur Krankenbeobachtung) des Lernfeldes 1.2.1 - Phänomene als Grundlage des Pflegeprozesses wahrnehmen und beobachten. ++++++++++ 1.2.1 FOLGETHEMEN: ++++++++...

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Geriatric Care, HEALTH & FITNESS

LAURENTY is a family company specialising,in MAINTENANCE and CLEANING, operating in all sectors of industry throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. In addition to its expertise in this field, Laurenty is a...

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Green Maintenance

How secure is your virtual environment? In this video, you’ll learn about avoiding VM sprawl and how to protect against VM escapes.

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Cybersecurity, End User Security, System Security,

Consumo Responde lanza una campaña de etiquetado de alimentos con consejos y recomendaciones, garantías y derechos de las personas consumidoras y usuarias y la forma de ejercerlos.

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AGRICULTURE, Organic Farming

Il coordinamento delle associazioni veronesi "Verso il 21 marzo", Giornata della Memoria e dell'Impegno per ricordare le vittime innocenti di tutte le mafie, organizza a Verona un ciclo di incontri da...

9 min 166 0 0 | • European Parliament, Brussels, 13 July 2016 • Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIP (Eastern Counties), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group (EFDD) - http://w...

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