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ViVET - Learning Platform for Skills and Careers

ViVET is a platform designed for users and learners who want to improve their careers with practical videos, courses, and trainings. By providing the possibility for the users to learn value-added contents anywhere, anytime, ViVET ensures the teaching and learning can be free, fun and flexible. A big opportunity awaits you here!

The Vision of ViVET

  • ViVET facilitates access to Vocational Education & Training worldwide.
  • The platform contains ever-growing contents of videos, courses, and trainings.
  • It is an easy tool for learners and for teacher-authors for creating online courses.
  • Vocational Training Centers will be able to widen their program with up-to-date trainings.

ViVET is unique in VET

  • ViVET collects, categorizes and evaluates videos and other online materials.
  • ViVET provides an easy tool to create course and training
  • ViVET offers easy & everywhere learning for students
  • ViVET features translations into many languages.
  • ViVET is adapted to computers and smartphones.
  • ViVET will be a revenue model for teacher-authors and VET institutes.

Videos on ViVET

  • ViVET provides an ever-growing library of open videos for all vocational skills and trades.
  • Videos are collected from Youtube or Vimeo with open access. They are sorted into main, sub and sub-sub categories.
  • An EREC rating by experts and users will lead to a value recognition of the videos.
  • If suitable videos are not available, shooting of own videos is an option.

Courses in ViVET

  • A course is an easy learning tool for students and teachers. It is a concise unit of 5 – 10 training hours or more or less one day.
  • The contents of a course are composed of different widgets, such as Plain texts, videos with subtitles and embedded texts, pictures or charts and PDFs, quizzes and response widgets.
  • Course can be translated into other languages by automatic translation with manual refinement.
  • A course can easily be corrected or amended during lecturing, which gives high flexibility to authors.

Trainings on ViVET

  • A training offers comprehensive learning of a subject or even a training field – usually ranging for several weeks or even months.
  • A training is a structured compilation of several courses. Thus one course may be used in different trainings)
  • Each training ends with a final test the passing of which leads subsequently to the issuing of a certificate.
  • Trainings and courses can easily be amended and adapted to local needs.

Topics on ViVET

  • The Topics in ViVET provide knowledge about any kind of subject in the large field of vocational and professional training.
  • On this bases, a permanent online magazine for Vocational Education & Training is developing – with best practices, job profiles, latest developments, and current debates.
  • Contributions to the topics be can commented –thus starting a lively debate.
  • As VET will play an ever-growing role in education, in general, these topics will open new horizons.

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